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Rapid Quality Systems are delighted to welcome Insights Learning and Development as members of the Code Rocket community.

Insights is a global learning and development company working in partnership with leading organisations across the world. Based in Dundee, Scotland Insights operates in over 20 countries, has products available in 32 languages, employs around 240 people and has a turnover in excess of £20 million. Insights help their clients to experience rich, deep and inspiring learning solutions that enhance relationships, improve performance and change personal and professional lives forever. All of Insights solutions are developed in-house in order to create robust and scalable products as well as customised learning solutions that match specific client requirements.

Insights developers recognized the benefits of Code Rocket and became early adopters of the technology. What they recognized was a highly effective way of adding value to their existing development toolset and achieving quality and management improvements in their development process but with minimal costs of adoption. An Insights product or solution is used by someone somewhere in the world every two minutes. Much more than just a training company, Insights works with organisations to understand their people development needs, helping to increase their effectiveness and generate growth.

This is what the Insights developers had to say about Code Rocket -

"One picture is worth a thousand words. Code Rocket helps distil the essence of the code, without all the minute detail which, while required to make the system actually work, obscures the actual business need that the software is trying to meet.

Visualisation of the business logic helps developers to understand code written by someone else, or even code written by themselves last month. Thus saving the time required to review potentially thousands of lines of code to figure out what the code actually does, before then figuring out what business need the code is meeting.

Documentation that is easy to generate and easy to understand helps with team ownership of the code base. Therefore avoiding the situation where someone becomes the 'go to' person for an area of code where only they can work on that area, and the issues that this causes when they are on holiday, or when they leave.

CodeRocket makes it easier for a new developer, or a developer moving to an unfamiliar area of code, to figure out what the software actually does and therefore to become productive more quickly."

Discover what Code Rocket can do for you

Code Rocket allows software developers to do what they do best, write great code, but with added design, code visualization and documentation support seamlessly embedded directly inside their existing development environment. Code Rocket automatically generates detailed documentation for program code in the form of plain English descriptions (pseudocode) and business-type flowcharts. This opens up the code for exploration at a higher level, benefiting both the developer during design, programming and review tasks, and also benefitting others who require visibility of the code but at a higher level. This includes project managers who wish to review code and have better visibility of outsourced and/or subcontracted work. It also includes clients and customers through which we wish to communicate with to capture and agree their requirements. Together, this powerful combination of features delivers improvements in the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of application development.

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