Editing symbols

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There are various options in the context menu for each flowchart symbol.


Flowchart Editor Context Menu


Edit Pseudocode

This will cause the flowchart symbol’s text to be updated and for any other components to be refreshed.


Edit Notes

This will cause the flowchart symbol’s envelope symbol to appear or dissapear (depending on whether or not the Display notes option is turned on). It will also cuase any other components to be refreshed.


Edit Code

The flowchart symbol will turn green when there is associated code and any other components to be refreshed.



Deletes the selected symbols and places them on the clipboard, from where they can be pasted in another location.



Places the selected symbols on the clipboard, from where they can be pasted in another location.



Enabled when there are symbols on the clipboard. Symbols can either be pasted before or after the selected statement, or alternatively into a statement if it is a composite statement.


Flowchart Editor Paste Menu



On confirmation, the selected symbol is deleted.


Refactor (Code Rocket Designer only)

The selected symbols will be moved into a new procedure and linked to by a sub-procedure.


Flowchart Editor Refactor Menu


The Extract Method item will open the Refactor Wizard.


Linking (Code Rocket Designer only)

Any statement can be linked to a procedure.


Flowchart Editor Linking Menu


The Goto Link item will select the linked procedure for the selected symbol, the Remove Link item will remove any existing linked procedure reference for the selected symbol and the Select Link item allows the linked procedure to be chosen for the selected symbol.



Symbols can be grouped together when they represent an aggregate task. When grouped symbols are forward engineered into code, they will be wrapped in grouping tags that Code Rocket can recognise when the code is reverse engineered again.


Flowchart Editor Grouping Menu


The Group item groups any selected symbols into a single element (provided that the selection does not already include any grouped symbols), the Ungroup item removes a grouped element and replaces it with the symbols that were previously grouped and the View Group item allows a grouped symbol to be viewed and edited in isolation.


Surround With

When working with an algorithm you may realise that a large portion of it should be contained in a new parent type. Instead of dragging and dropping the symbols into the new parent, the surround with feature allows you to quickly select and encase any flowchart symbols inside a new parent statement of the selected type.


Flowchart Editor Surround With Menu


Copy Chart as Image

When you need to use your flowchart in another application, you can simply right click on the flowchart and select the Copy Chart as Image menu item.


Export Chart as Image

It is possible to export any flowchart diagram into an image file for inclusion in another application or sending email.



When you need a hardcopy of your flowchart, you can right click on the flowchart and select from the print options.


Flowchart Editor Print Menu


The Page Setup item allows you to change paper size and orientation, the Print Scale item shows options for scaling the flowchart to fit to the page or to be of a given size. The Print Preview item shows a preview of how the diagram will look on paper before and the Print Chart item brings up the printer settings dialog and allows the flowchart to be printed to paper.