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The Flowchart Editor can be customized using various options that control what is displayed.


Terminating lines

Terminating lines can be useful to indicate where program flow ends when tracing through your flowchart. Turn this option off if you would prefer not to see terminating lines in your flowchart.


Compress flowchart

By default Code Rocket minimises the horizontal spacing used in the flowchart. When this option is turned off, additional spacing is added.


Truncate text

There is a limited amount of text that the flowchart can display inside the symbols for them to be readable. When text is too long, it is possible to truncate the text to a defined length. This can help readability of diagrams with a lot of text content.


Display Pseudocode or Code

By default Code Rocket will display Pseudocode text inside symbols so that the Pseudocode Editor and Flowchart Editor are displaying the same content. It is also possible to display code inside the flowchart symbols.


Display notes

When this option is turned on, flowchart symbols will be annotated with an envelope symbol when they have notes attached to them.


Display branch text

When this option is turned on, conditional branch lines are annotated to indicate the True and False condition.


Display toolbox

The visibility of the symbol toolbox can be controlled with this option.


Background color

The background color of the flowchart editor is white by default but can be changed to suit your own preferences.