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The general options page allows you to configure various options that control the behaviour of Code Rocket for Eclipse.


Constant commit

When this option is turned on, code will automatically be forward engineered as you modify the Pseudocode or Flowchart for a method.


Warn before commit

Whether or not to be warned before manually committing your design to code for a method.


Include automatic comments

When reverse engineering code that doesn't have comments, Code Rocket will try to produce a descriptive representation to display in the Pseudocode Editor and Flowchart Editor. This option controls whether or not the automatically generated comments should be included when the design is committed to code.


Dynamic synchronization

When Dynamic synchronization is turned on, the Pseudocode Editor and Flowchart Editor views will automatically be updated to reflect changes in the code as you type. When turned off, the design views will not be updated until you press the Refresh button in the toolbar of either design view.


Debug stepping

Debug stepping brings your code to life when you are stepping through it in the debugger. Breakpoints are highlighted in red and non breaking statements in green.


Highlight syntax in pseudocode and code displays

This option allows you to turn off syntax highlighting in the Pseudocode Editor and code displays. It is suitable for visually impaired users that operate a high contrast color scheme.