Suspect statements

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Code Rocket uses keywords in your pseudocode to determine the type of statement that is being entered. So, when the keyword changes to an unrecognised one then logically the statement becomes an assignment statement. However, this only applies to statements without any children. If you modify the keyword of a statement with no children, your statement will be flagged as suspect and turned red. When statements are in this mode, they will change type as soon as all of their children have been deleted. By doing this we can make type changes less dramatic and give you a chance to change your mind.


Consider the following pseudocode:


Normal If Statement


After removing the "if" keyword associated with the statement, the whole statement turns red as shown below:


Suspect If Statement


The statement is still regarded as an “if” statement but is in a volatile state when it no longer has any children:


Suspect If Statement without children


Any further edits to the pseudocode will immediately transform the statement into an assignment statement:


If Statement has become an Assignment Statement