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Code Rocket for Eclipse adds C/C++ language support in addition to Java. This provides synchronization of C/C++ code and the pseudocode and flowchart designs.


Options in Code Rocket for Eclipse are now held centrally in the Window/Preferences screen. Information about each option is available the preferences section.


If you already have Code Rocket Eclipse installed then we recommend that you uninstall this before installing Code Rocket for Eclipse.


Our HTML and Word document generation features have been greatly improved, with full control over the HTML templates and control over where templates are stored.


The new Debug Stepping feature brings the Pseudocode Editor and Flowchart Editor to life when stepping through code in the debugger. The current statement is highlighted in both views, and breakpoints are highlighted in the Flowchart Editor.


The new Dynamic Synchronization option allows you to disable automatic parsing of method code. When this is turned off, the pseudocode and flowchart will no longer update as you type code but they can be manually updated by using the Refresh button on the toolbar.